Decoratives – AJO Lumber Yardstick


When we came to New York in 1976, and being poor starving-artist types decided to make our own furniture to whatever extent we could, we were gratified to learn that on the Upper West Side of Manhattan there were actually several sources for lumber, paint, tools, etc. Our favorite was AJO Lumber on Amsterdam Avenue at 100th Street.

The very first piece we created was the simple bench made from two six-foot lengths of 2 x 12” pine, pieced together and placed on sections of 12 x 12” beams (see our blog post “The Beginnings – 1976” from February 18, 2014). We lugged the wood and a quart of polyurethane from AJO to our apartment on Riverside Drive, and put it together in a few days, including drying time between four coats of polyurethane. Later projects included our super-heavy-weight dining room table (still in use!), and four bookshelves, the lumber for all of which was carried home with the help of our 12-year-old son.

It was with the utmost pleasure and surprise that we found lying on our beach – in 2014, almost 40 years later! – a branded yardstick from none other than our favorite old-time lumber store. Cleaned up and polyurethaned, it adds a historical touch to our studio space.