“Mae West” All-Teak Side Table (2003)


One of the many pieces of flotsam from the classic motor yacht we dubbed “The Mae West” to wash up on our beach was a narrow teak cabinet door, with a solid teak frame and teak plywood inset. We decided to use it as the top of a side table, making the legs from a solid teak 4 x 6” slab that had been purchased for a boat project and never used, and a lower shelf from another 1 x 6” teak board, from the same yacht. To fill the inset we cut a strip from the nautical chart of one of our favorite cruising areas: the North Fork of Long Island, New York, and Shelter Island. This is covered by a sheet of plate glass.

For the full story, see our October 6, 2014 post, “The Story of ‘The Mae West’ – Her Last Days”