Hurricane Sandy Chair (2016)



When we’d decided on the concept for our Hurricane Sandy Library Bench, we selected some planking that filled the material needs for the project. It was all 1 x 6” lumber; it seemed to have been part of a fence. In our work there is a necessary “engineering” aspect, the main components of which are: will it hold together, and can a large person sit in it without it breaking? Since we planned for a six-foot-long bench, we tested the boards’ strength, and found it much too flimsy to meet our standards. We ended up using 2 x 8” planks from the steps from a destroyed deck for the bench.

That left us wondering how to use the fencing, which we’d already started to dress. The obvious answer was a piece that could use relatively-stronger short lengths of the lumber for a seat and backrest, and this chair is the result. It’s currently in use as a dining-room chair in our home.