All-teak Mud Room Table (2013)

All-teak Mud Room Table (2013)

This piece is made of extremely weathered elements of teak, flotsam from wrecked boats, that have been left in the rough, unfinished state in which we salvaged them.


2 thoughts on “All-teak Mud Room Table (2013)

    • Hey man! Thanks for the compliment! Sorry, this is the only photo. Did you notice our terrace in the “Axe” post? It’s similar in design to your broken-marble one, but much more crude; made of stones gathered from the beach, including slate, manhattan schist, basalt, and beach-bricks, too. The spaces between the stones are filled with a sand and earth mix. There used to be a lawn and bushes there, but Hurricane Sandy wiped those out. Things go slowly here: still working on Dockwood Bench 3 – it’s ready to be polyurethaned now. And we’re starting on a Dockwood Deck Chair, sort of like an “Adirondack chair.” Regards, D and S.

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