Winter Stick Table No. 68 (2011)

Winter Stick Table No. 68 (2011)

We found that if you cut an old worn-out 4 x4 winter stick into three equal pieces they make perfect legs for a small drinks table, ideal for outdoor decks or porches. This one uses a heavy slab of cut slate as a table-top. (For more on winter sticks, see our November 16, 2013 post on the “Miss Piggy” Winter Stick Table.)


2 thoughts on “Winter Stick Table No. 68 (2011)

    • Hi Carlos. To answer your questions: The table top is a slab of slate, a paving stone, actually (ardosia Laje?). It was used in a photo shoot I did for a book years ago. As for tools, I avoid using power tools if possible, but I do use a Skilsaw if I need to cut something really square and straight, like these table legs. For grinding the surface of the dockwood we use in most of our pieces I use a disk grinder attached to an ordinary electric drill. All the rest is rasps and files, and sandpaper (80 and 150 grit). The texture in the legs of this table is just as it was found, after years of being in the sea all winter. The number “68” was cut with a router by the original maker of the winter stick. Cheers (Saude?)!

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