Fattening Up For the Winter

In the face of continued cold weather, and just because we want to, we’ve decided to expand the Dockwood Furniture blog, adding calories, as it were, to include some additional content. We’ve added four new “pages,” that feature some of our thoughts on furniture, and other work we’re doing, as well as links to many of our favorite blogs and websites.

The new Philosophy page has a post that describes our sense of why we are creating the work that we do; it’s a sort of Dockwood manifesto.

Decoratives will show off some of the odd decorative items we’ve designed, mainly with materials that are found on beaches, including sea glass, seashells, and curious stones, as well as various flotsam.


The Sculpture page will feature some 3-dimensional art that we’ve created, also using flotsam, particularly pieces of curiously formed wood, and other oddities.


The last page provides links to the blogs or websites of Things We Like, in the areas of furniture design, reclaimed wood, product design, and architecture, as well as some of our favorite artists.


Julia, blogger, Home on 129 Acres – mud room bench


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