Concept for an RtN Garden Seating Arrangement

Concept for an RtN Garden Seating Arrangement

Drawing by Dave Wilder (2013)

Our RtN (Return-to-Nature) outdoor furniture built to-date has been of a rather passive nature. It’s placed outdoors, footed in the earth or on flat stones, and remains at the whim of nature: weathered by sun, rain, snow, and wind, deteriorated by insects, fungus, and microbes, until it eventually “returns to nature.”

The architect Michele Bruno envisions a more interactive process, “mid-way” in nature’s course of events, where the furniture embraces natural activity more fully and functionally. He sees the value of allowing interaction in the piece that embodies habitats for birds, and plantings of flowers or grasses, as an integral part of the RtN process.

Michele’s vision is the inspiration for this sketch of a possible project.


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