Hurricane Sandy Single-plank Mud Room Bench (2013)

Hurricane Sandy Single-plank Mud Room Bench (2013)

This bench was built from a single piece of lumber (3 x 12 x 10 feet) from a long-ago destroyed dock, washed up into our yard during Hurricane Sandy. We came up with the notion of an almost gothic, pew-like bench. We cut it into three pieces, then decided it would look elegant to have the side pieces at an angle. The triangular pieces that we then cut from the ends of the seat made for perfect supports between it and the uprights. It’s currently in the garden because we have no room for it in the house!


4 thoughts on “Hurricane Sandy Single-plank Mud Room Bench (2013)

  1. That’s gorgeous! And what a history. I love how you took something random that could have looked like just part of the destruction to be cleared away, and saw the beauty in it.
    I just came over from seeing your comment at Home on 129 Acres. I’m looking forward to checking out your blog.

    • Hi Jan,

      Thanks for your kind words. And thanks for letting us know how you got to us! We do find beauty in wood that’s been used once and then beaten up by nature (as, obviously, did the 129-acres woman). We’re pretty new to the “blogosphere” (another word I may grow to hate, tho’ at least it makes sense grammatically – that is, its meaning is clear), and are replying to your comments one at a time based on online advice about building traffic and “findability” in web searches. Otherwise we’d probably send you an email covering all four of them. We are trying to build some image and awareness of our furniture, in hopes of eventually happening upon some high-net-worth-beach-house-owners who’ll purchase some of it. We have no more room for it in our house!


      Dave & Sharynne

      • I’m new to it, too. I’ve just restarted my own blog after a year of inactivity. I tried it last year as a blog about my teaching studio and found I just couldn’t keep up the interest (as in, my own…) So finally I just erased it all and started over and it’s sort of a “life blog”. Here’s the link if you are interested: (it still has the old domain name for now.)
        I would agree about the term “blogosphere” – such a contrived word!

        • Hi Jan,

          Thanks for your reply. Checked your blog. Funny, about the bowling ball. We’ve thought about a glue gun for some of our sculptures, but are unsure of how it would keep something fairly heavy in place. A bowling ball is pretty heavy! Will it stay glued to that glass candlestick?

          We hope you have fun with your blog – we understand when you say you “need to write.” Ever try any fiction? (Our son is currently writing a scifi novel!) I (Dave) like to write, too, and it has helped to feed content for our blog, with lots more to come.

          Can we “follow” your blog? The URL makes it look like a regular website.


          Dave & Sharynne


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