Hurricane Sandy Library Bench (2016)



A couple of years ago, at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair at the Javits Center in New York, we saw an upholstered sofa that had bookshelves built into its back. Though we didn’t think much of the design and execution of the piece, we sure liked the concept. We’ve created our “library bench” from lumber salvaged from the wreckage of the storm on our little island.

How Do You Name A Sculpture?


A sculptor may name a work in several ways: it may be in the wording of the original idea for the piece, it may come to him or her as the piece is thought out, or during its creation. It may occur only after the piece is finished, or even as a suggestion from the gallerist who’ll be showing it.

“See-Snake” started as a simple concept: “sea snake.” As we worked on it, we thought of its relationship to reality and came up with a name: “Sea Snake, Fossilized.” But after we decided that a little worm-hole in the head should be enlarged to make an eye, and inserted a black African glass bead from Sharynne’s bead collection, it became “See-Snake.”

– Dave Wilder


See-Snake (2016)

Sculpture by Dave and Sharynne Wilder – Driftwood (grey poplar), African glass bead.

Part of our sculpture “Animal Series”


We’ve moved our posts on two of our sculptures: “Croc-a-Bye Baby” and “Chinese Dog” to our Sculpture page. And we’ve moved our posts on two of our decorative pieces: “Boutonniere” and “’Mae West’ Anchor Cut-out Plaque” to our Decoratives page. Lastly, our post on “Kathleen Doody Design” has been moved to our Things We Like page.

“They Die Standing”


“Embora ainda seja primavera, esta árvore parece estar morta, mas como heróis, árvores morrem de pé.

Though it’s still spring, this tree seems dead, but like heroes, trees die upright.”

This post is courtesy of the brilliant Brazilian street photographer Luiz Fernandos.

His blog, Belo Horizonte Daily Photo, may be seen at:

Photograph copyright 2015 by Luiz Fernandos. All rights reserved.